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Domori Porcelana 70% Dark Chocolate

Manufacturer: Domori
Cocoa Content: 70%
Location: Venezuela
Manufacturer Website
Rating: A-

Today we taste the Domori Porcelana 70% dark chocolate bar. The Porcelana cacao is one of the most sought after beans in the world, and Domori's Porcelana bar is regarded by many as the definitive interpretation of this cacao. The bar itself is on the lighter side in color; a light mahogany with ruby highlights.
On the palate the Domori Porcelana has a fruity chocolate richness. Roast notes akin to French/Italian roast coffee sit in the background. There is a lively acidity to this chocolate. The main fruity note is that of raspberries/raspberry preserves. There is also a hint of some lemonade citrus notes. Bread (white toast specifically) is also notable here. Also present are notes of salt, peanut butter and a light coffee-bitterness in the background. Chewing the Domori Porcelana brings forward notes of raspberries, oak and toast. The mouthfeel is thick and creamy with a slight cooling sensation. The finish has toast and jam with espresso notes.
Domori really captures the unique flavor of the Porcelana cacao in this dark chocolate bar. There is a remarkable flavor of raspberry preserves on toast that really stands out. There is a great jammy fruit character here and some interesting "doughiness". The Domori Porcelana is a great, one-of-a-kind chocolate that I highly recommend to everyone.