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Domori Puertofino

Manufacturer: Domori
Cocoa Content: 70%
Location: Venezuela
Manufacturer Website
Rating: A

Today's chocolate tasting is the Puertofino 70% dark chocolate bar from Italy's Domori. The first point of note is the crisp, loud snap that rings out when breaking off a piece to taste. This is usually a sign of good things to come. The Puertofino bar is the color of rosewood with a purple tint.

On the palate there is a nutty, rich chocolate note. Espresso bean flavors are notable along with some nice bitterness. There is a solid bite of acidity that leads to notes of citrus, banana and mango. Nutty notes of walnut and hazelnut are here, as well as some earthiness and mushroom notes. Chewing the Puertofino opens up notes of leather, tobacco and hazelnuts. The Puertofino melts to a perfect thick, creamy consistancy. The finish has mocha/espresso beans paired with some green banana.

The Puertofino was my first experience with Domori's dark chocolate and it exceeded all my expectations. The construction is simply perfect and shows Domori's dedication to producing high quality chocolates. This bar has a nice bitter bite to it with a nice acidity as counterbalance. No one characteristic is overpowering, and this allows plenty of complexity to show through.

I paired the Puertofino with the Chambly Noire, a Belgian dark ale from Unibroue. Check out our sister site Beer! later this week for a review.